Serial Entrepreneur Marc Sparks Launches Spark Tank

If you know anything about Marc Sparks, you know that the man is a serial entrepreneur who has created dozens of startups and as a result, has a lot of great inventive ideas. Spark Tank is Marc’s latest venture and is a social innovation challenge that offers grants for social entrepreneurs who are on a mission to change the world.

Ambitious? Yes. Empowering? Absolutely. Marc created Spark Tank because he was curious about how he could give back to the entrepreneur community. Marc was not a stranger to the non-profit world and crated a small homeless shelter with a friend, Lynne Sipiora. That small homeless shelter grew to a large organization that runs on a $3,000,000 annual budget and can feed well over 200 people every single day. Lynne suggested that Marc think about giving back to social entrepreneurs.

What is a social entrepreneur? A social entrepreneur is someone who has an entrepreneurial or “super creative and unique” idea that has the possibility to create a social impact. According to Crunchbase, Funding these types of social entrepreneurs would help Marc Sparks help entrepreneurs and help spark social change in powerful ways. It seemed like a win-win opportunity and Marc jumped on the idea with Lynne. Thus, Spark Tank was born.

The aim of Spark Tank is to offer grants that help social entrepreneurs get their projects off the ground. In other words, to find ways to make those ideas a reality. The program started with a simple question to social entrepreneurs, “What could you do with $5,000 that would impact lives?” This question was supposed to inspire people and see what they could come up with that was both creative and helpful.  Read more: Marc Sparks – AngelList

The results were amazing. In the first round the winner of the grant was a company called “Dogs Matter.” Dogs Matter is a powerful idea. The organization provides dog foster care & services for alcoholics and addicts in recovery.

The group noticed that addiction takes away everything from a person and many people are left alone except for one sole being: the person’s dog. Dogs are loyal creatures and offer unconditional love even to those battling the throes of addiction, but what happens when someone battling addiction decides it’s time to get help?

Dogs Matter found that many alcoholics and addicts who wanted to go seek in-patient treatment had difficulty finding somewhere to house their pet. Sometimes they had to give them away to a shelter or place them into an environment that was unhealthy for the dog. Dogs Matter takes these dogs and places them into supportive, healthy, and loving foster care homes until the person has fully recovered and completed their in-patient treatment program. Spark Tanks was overjoyed to give out their award to this group.

After such a successful run, Mark decided to expand the program. Every year there will be multiple rounds of the Spark Tank program so that new organizations have a chance to win $5,000 to grow their organization and help “spark” social change.

The Success of Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is a prominent member of the Grand Rapid Community, a town that is located in Western Michigan. As Dick DeVos is the son of Richard DeVos, the co-founder of Amway Corporation, a network sales company that sells health and household products, Dick DeVos has has large shows to fill. Dick DeVos, even at an early age, was a man on a mission to find success in order to prove himself to his father as well as continue to family legacy. Through intense research, I found that Dick DeVos is many things and is a credit to the growth of the Grand Rapids community. As a businessman in his own right, Dick DeVos has always looked for new hobbies and new investment opportunities.

Dick DeVos has been involved in business even at an early age and has fond memories of working in the office with his siblings as well as his mother and father. Dick DeVos even remembers playing in his father’s office which, while he was growing up, was located in the basement of the DeVos family home. Dick DeVos has seen the company from the beginning and has watched the company grow from nothing to a multi-billion dollar company that does business with other countries. Not only is Richard DeVos Dick DeVos‘ inspiration, but he is also his mentor.

In 1974, Dick DeVos officially started as an employee at Amway Corporation. Over the next few decades, Dick DeVos worked hard to become a lead member of Amway Corporation in his own right without any help from his father. Eventually, in 1984, Dick DeVos became the vice president of the company and was put in charge of the company’s international sales. His time as vice president proved that he was a capable businessman who made many clever decisions and showed leadership. Eventually, Dick DeVos earned the position of CEO of the company.

Though Dick DeVos is still heavily involved with the company, he has also pursued many other hobbies as well as investments. In addition to being a businessman, Dick DeVos is also an avid sailor who has sailed in many competitions. Dick DeVos is even an investor in the liquor business as he has invested in the Copper Distillery. As a man of many trades, he has done exactly what his goal has been which has been to grow the legacy of the family even more within the community.

Raising Autism Awareness With Sanjay Shah

Raising autism awareness is a passion among parents and fundraisers around the globe, and Sanjay Shah Denmark has been at the front of the line working on fundraising. Sanjay is a fantastic man who does quite a lot more than raise money for autism awareness. This article takes a look at Sanjay’s businesses, his charity and his business plan. Everyone who wishes to become a scion of industry like Sanjay must follow his lead.

#1: Autism Rocks Is Quite A Charity

Autism Rocks is quite a charity, and it is a planned concert promoter that raises money at every concert. Sanjay calls on famous acts to play at his concerts, and he circles the vent asking for donations from his patrons. Patrons at every event are quite happy to donate to Autism Rocks given the scope of every event, and Sanjay explains to his guests to purpose for his charity before the music starts.

#2: Sanjay Owns Quite A Few Businesses

Sanjay began with a single investment firm that he started alone, and he has leveraged cash from his businesses to purchase several others. His companies are some of the most successful in the world today, and he is slowly expanding his business empire to different parts off the globe. He works mostly in investment, and will continue to keep investment houses around operating with his infusions of cash.

#3: Why Is The Autism Rocks Model Different?

Sanjay chose to open Autism Rocks with a goal of curing autism with research. The money he sends to autism research organizations numbers in the millions, and he uses his public profile to push his agenda for curing autism. He has met with children who suffer with autism every day, and he continues to grow his own passion for a cure as he plans concert programs. He has invited singers like Joss Stone to perform, and he works with wonderful sports who are pleased to help kids in need.

Sanjay Shah has shown himself to be a very innovative man, and he plans to aid clients and children alike with his businesses. He chooses to create concerts at Autism Rocks that will raise millions of dollars a year, and his investment businesses grow the wealth of his clients using the most creative investment tactics.


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Meet New Friends through Skout

Skout, an IOS App, is available now free through the Apple store. This app has been around, but it has begun a promotional campaign through Facebook. This mobile network app allows people to meet and make friends. The app even runs fun surveys and games on special days, like Potato Chip Day and Hero Day. The app has an easy sign up process, allowing users to sign up through Facebook or using their email.

Skout is even easier to use. The home screen is only users who are currently online, and a user can just tap on the pic to see the whole profile. Then users have multiple options from that screen. They can wink at them, send a message, send a gift, or even block them. Like Facebook, you can leave comments or likes on their last few posts.

The left drawer on the app allows the users other ways to browse and search the app. They can look at the “Buzz,” a social feed of local people, play “Look at me,” a bidding game to help users win bids and increased visibility, and “Shake to Chat,” an anonymous chat with a local stranger, which reveals the profile after 40 seconds. Skout is a fun way to connect with new people in unexpected ways.

Skout is a mobile app that helps people to grow new connections and find new friends. They have fun and new ways to connect. On special days, like National Potato Chip Day, they had potato chip themed surveys and gifts. The app donated back a portion of the proceeds to charities. They are constantly looking for new ways to upgrade the experience and sometimes their surveys produce interesting results. Their college survey is one to look up, because it was surprising the number of students who do not feel like a club is a great way to connect.

Check out the recent news on Skout:

Talk Fusion: Communications Networking And Charitable Giving

In an article, written for the media website, ‘Your Mark On The World Center;’ the author discusses Bob Reina, the founder and CEO of ‘Talk Fusion’ and the services provided by the company. Talk Fusion delivers adaptable communications software, which improves the quality of conference calls.

Bob Reina is also called, “the man behind the one million dollar gift.” Because of a generous charitable gift made to the Humane Society of Tampa. Reina is an avid dog and cat lover. He has personally, rescued 11 cats and dogs, all of which live at home with him. His million dollar donation made it possible for the organization to continue with rescue efforts.

Reina felt that no dog or cat should have to suffer on the streets, in all types of weather; without shelter, food or water. He wanted to help put an end to the rising number of pets left abandoned and homeless.

In addition to philanthropic gift giving, Bob Reina uses his company, Talk Fusion, to help as many individuals and organizations as possible. He provides one free Talk Fusion software account per year to all members of his company, for them to donate to the charity of their choice. This along with proceeds for any future direct marketing sales.

The author of the article is Allison Roberts, the Vice President of Development for Talk Fusion. Roberts writes that Reina actively embodies a helping mentality. She went into detail about the philosophical message that inspires Bob Reina, “With great success comes greater responsibility.”

Talk Fusion is a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA). The company began business operations in 2007. In the nine years following, Talk Fusion has made great strides towards increasing the possibilities of on-the-go meeting software. The software builds marketing cooperatives by strengthening the communication networks.

As a Direct Selling Association organization, Talk Fusion spreads the message about its products and services through the use of Independent Associates; who are located worldwide in 140 countries. These products include: video chat, video newsletters, live meetings, and video email, and built-in support services, with virtual sign-up forms.


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What Is a Reputation Management Service?

Your reputation is said to be something it takes a lifetime to build but, only minutes to destroy. This statement is true in your life and in the life of your business. This has never been more true than today where anyone can Google your name or the name of your company from their phone. An inappropriate comment on your Twitter feed can cost you that dream job or a bad Yelp review can send business to your competitors instead.

What can be done to prevent this from happening to you or your business? The best option is to hire a reputation management service to ensure your reputation doesn’t get trashed.

What does a reputation management service do? That depends on what you or your company need and what your current online reputation is.

If it is a new business that hasn’t developed much of a reputation yet then a reputation management service can help the company establish one. This is done by doing several things such as search engine optimization, which is the process by which your content is elevated in the search results of various popular search engines like Google or Bing.

Another feature reputation management companies can do for you or your company is content development and management. This goes along with search engine optimization because the quality content they provide is used on your website or blog along with press releases to spread positive news about you or your business.

Reputation management services also provide third party website monitoring. While sites like Yelp can help a business by providing positive reviews that many people use to choose where to eat or shop a negative review can have a detrimental effect. They will monitor these sites and alert you to any negative news and work with you to try to resolve the issue.

How do you choose the right reputation management service for you? Start by determining what you need the service to provide such as search engine optimization or third party website monitoring. Look at the companies track record, speak with their team and talk to their customers.

A good place to start is On their website you can get a free reputation assessment which provide you with an indication of what services you may need.

They provide free, no obligation quotes and all of their employees are highly experienced in reputation management. All employees of Better Reputation are U.S. based.


Kate Hudson and Her Fabletics

Fabletics was originally co-founded by 3 separate individuals who saw a niche opening within the activewear marketplace. These 3 individuals are Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. Each of them are co CEO of the company JustFab Inc. The original idea was that there were a lot of luxury brands offering active wear but few provided quality combined with affordability. The three of them took the idea and ran with it to create the brand known as Fabletics which is now synonymous with great quality active wear suited for all women and every situation.

Fabletics since its inception in 2013 has exploded onto a global marketplace. In 2014 they opened stores in the European market specifically in France, Germany and the United Kingdom. From there on in September of the same year they opened Fabletics Canada. In the first month of 2015 they brand has already shipped over a million orders which shows the demand for this kind of activewear. By February 2015 the company decides to ship as far as Australia and in June of the same year they open their product up to the male market known as the FL2 line. The brand then continues on to expand to the Netherlands as well as Spain.

Just recently on the Marie Claire Magazine at, Kate Hudson was interviewed and shared the brands launch of their new line of both performance swim wear and athleisure dresses. The main idea behind the performance swim wear was to allow its wearers to not have to panic if they suddenly decided to take part in yoga or any other form of light activity. The swim wear of Fabletics offers great support while remaining sexy and feminine. The support such as a sports bra is built in directly into the swim wear.

The athleisure dresses of Fabletics are for those girls who are active and yet still want to go out at night and feel extremely comfortable in what they are wearing. The dresses can be warn to any occasion such as an office setting or even a date night. What ever the customer has in mind the dress will be perfect and best of all it is extremely comfortable. Most women would not consider doing light exercises in a dress but these dresses are different. Thanks to Fabletics incorporating their performance materials in the dress it allows the user to do light movement whilst still maintaining comfort. See:

The greatest selling point that the dresses offer is that the sports bra is fitted directly into the dress so there is no need to find fitting bra. The Tropez dress is an example of one that does have this feature. For those that don’t it is easy to find. 

Helane L. Morrison- An inspirational leading woman

Helane L. Morrison is a well-known businesswoman and lawyer. In 1984 Morrison started her career as a law clerk. After that she joined at the San Francisco law firm Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin and remained with the firm until 1996. She was elevated to partner in 1991 while she was practiced at the law firm.. Then in 1996 Morrison started a new journey by joining in SEC as the head of regional enforcement activities for the San Francisco District Office. There she conducted business litigation, defense of private securities actions, SEC matters and internal corporate investigations. As she was a hard working and dedicated to her work, sooner she promoted to head of the office with the title of district administrator and then regional director. There she represented the SEC in legal, business and financial communities and also with other government agencies and news media. Before joining in SEC while practice as a lawyer she represented clients sued by the SEC. Helane also worked against the customer allegation in arbitrations defending brokers and stock brokerage firms. In the position of Regional Director at Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) she was responsible for overseeing the enforcement and examination programs under the office’s jurisdiction which includes Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Montana, Idaho and northern Nevada.

Helane Morrison continued her contribution at the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) from 1999 to 2007. She has been the SEC’s longtime director of its San Francisco office. In 2007 she became Managing Director, General Counsel, and Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners LLC. She is also a member of the firm’s Executive Committee. These were significant positions that had led to comprehensive growth in a variety of areas.

Morrison’s received a B.S. in Journalism from Northwestern University and worked as a newspaper reporter, and then she earned a J.D. from the University of California at Berkeley, School of Law, where she was Editor-In-Chief of the California Law Review. She has been an inspirational person as she is the first woman to serve as the district’s chief. In 1987 she was admitted to the State Bar of California. For three years she was a member of the Federal Courts Committee of the California Bar Association.She has achieved many recognition in her glorious career. These accomplishments have been upheld on a number of occasions and have contributed to her lasting success in many areas.

Boraie Development Recap

Boraie Development: Choosing A Reputable Apartment Leasing Company  Boraie Development LLC (read more: NJBiz) announces the opening of its elegant leasing office for The Aspire, a fabulous 17-story luxury high rise only a few minutes from the New Brunswick Train Station. The new location has direct access to Philadelphia and Manhattan –

The Aspire offers a prestigious address for businesses and entrepreneurs who desire to portray an impressive image and to attract high class tenants in New Brunswick. Their 238 spacious, well-designed apartments are available in studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom units and are located in a sophisticated building. Their facility features world class amenities and top notch services, allowing residents to live in comfort and luxury.

Hi am Boraie, Boraie Development Vice President, said The Aspire is committed to offering the high-end lifestyle renters desire, along with outstanding services and amenities, including a 24-hour security guard and monitoring and on-site management and maintenance team. In addition, the garage is easily accessible from the lobby area.  Some of the high-end amenities offered by The Aspire include a luxury lounge area, catering kitchen, pool table, dining table that accommodates 12 people, flat screen TV’s, WiFi and much more. Read more: Boraie Development LLC – New Jersey Urban Developers

The roof deck features stunning views of the beautiful surroundings and is properly equipped with outdoor electric barbecues, perfect for entertaining.  The Aspire also provides 24-hour modern fitness center for residents and is equipped with state of the art cross-training and cardio equipment.

And residents enjoy all of these classy amenities for an affordable, single monthly rent.  The Aspire’s concierge system makes it quite easy and convenient to pay their rent online, receive notifications regarding visitors and deliveries, and get acquainted with fun and exciting entertainment venues, shops and dining spots in the area.

The Aspire is a leader in the apartment rental industry and has been in business for many years. As a reputable rental and leasing company, The Aspire makes it a top priority to ensure that their clients and renters are extremely pleased with the apartment they have chosen.

When you contact the  staff at The Aspire, you will be required to provide them with a list of your requirements. These professionals have great expertise in helping clients find the perfect rental unit for their lifestyle. They encourage you to browse their website and get to know them better, then contact them for a free consultation. Check out The Aspire and you’ll be glad you did.   This article was published through

Class Dojo Makes Teacher-Parent Communication More Pleasurable

Imagine a classroom where a teacher can snap a video of a child reading aloud for the first time, and send it immediately to the proud parents. Imagine a teacher requesting assistance with a project, and parents being able to respond to one another and the teacher at the same time to collaboratively create the solution. Imagine Chinese, Hmong, Somali, Syrian speakers conversing freely with the teacher to be involved in personalizing each child’s learning experience.

Class Dojo is a unique, interactive communication platform to connect teachers and families. Unlike other communication strategies, Class Dojo creates community and connection between teachers and families by sharing educational moments and fun classroom experiences in a multimedia format.

With Class Dojo, teachers can send photos or videos of students simply and easily to demonstrate classroom activities. Parents can enjoy more detailed explanations of daily activities, which leads to greater conversation and increased understanding of a child’s daily learning.

Class Dojo is free, and is committed to remaining free for teachers. Used by teachers in over 85,000 schools, Class Dojo is empowering teachers, parents and students to make the best connections to improve education at an individual level.

To encourage students directly, Class Dojo offers inspirational videos encouraging students who can’t do things “…yet.” Cute monsters, the mascots of Class Dojo, can be used in a classroom setting as encouragement. Videos promote the virtue of perseverance with titles like “Learn From Your Mistakes” and “Try Challenging Things.” Adults know that not every attempt is successful, and presentation of this message opens the door for classroom discussion of hard things that students have learned and how they can learn new things in the future.

Many teachers and parents experience frustration because of language barriers. Too often, parents are left out and unable to fully help a child succeed in school because they do not understand how to encourage their child to meet a teacher’s expectations. Class Dojo overcomes this classic difficulty with one-click translation of classroom announcements. Children can more fully participate in the classroom with parental support, and parents can more fully participate in their children’s learning experiences. A community can bloom across barriers.

Class Dojo celebrates students’ successes. Teachers can share learning moments and all the positive aspects of educational opportunities. Class Dojo is new technology to improve community and the appreciation of the joy of learning.