Dick DeVos Provides Outstanding Leadership

In the world today, people can get help in many ways. One of the most popular ways that people can get help is through charities. The use of charities as a way to get help has been done for many years. Charities are organizations that are designed to provide people with help. The way that charities are organized gives charities the resources to help people in a wide variety of ways.


Charities are a part of the system that many cities use to help people in need. As a part of the system, charities have access to information concerning many areas of assistance both locally and nationally. Therefore, charities can find help for people either directly through services provided by the charities or through other organizations. Although charities have access to a lot of information regarding assistance for people, charities must be able to sustain as a separate charity based on the ability to provide what is needed for the people who come for assistance.


This means that charities must be able to raise the money needed for the charities to provide assistance. While some money can be received from various sources. It is up to charities to bring in the vast majority of the money needed to handle all operations. One of the main ways that charities are able to bring in money is through private contributions made by people interested in helping people.


Many people give to charities. The particular charities that people give to is usually based on personal reasons, but charities can receive many contributions over the course of the year. While a significant number of the contributions will be small in the amount given, charities can bring in a substantial amount of money by getting many small contributions from people.


Dick DeVos is an individual who gives to a variety of charities. He has been known to give very large contributions to charities. Over the years, Dick DeVos has given millions of dollars to charities both large and small. His contributions have totaled over 139 million dollars. In addition, he gives to charities of all types and kinds. Dick DeVos focus is on helping people, so he is willing to give to charities that may not be the largest or the most popular.


A businessman with a resume that can hold up on its own merit, Dick DeVos has been able to accomplish a lot in his professional career. He has been a top executive at several major corporations such as the Orlando Magic and Amway. He is currently the president of the Windquest Group where he is providing great leadership to the company. Dick DeVos is a name in the business world that receives a lot of respect regarding what he has done in the business world.



The Secrets To Lasing Long On The Job According To Chris Burch

People who get jobs are very likely to lose them at some point. This is an inevitable fact. However, there are factors that can influence whether or not one is able to keep his job. One of the factors has to do with his job performance. It is important that one is able to perform his duties in a satisfactory manner. However, Chris Burch has found something that is even greater than doing a good job. It is going above and beyond and taking initiative. This is one of the best ways to stand out on the job and impress the boss.


One of the reasons that going above and beyond is really important for keeping a job is that it shows the manager that one is willing to make the effort for the company. This is a far cry from one that just drags his feet and does the bare minimum of what is needed in order to succeed at something. For one thing, entrepreneurs would never succeed with the bare minimum. They know it takes a lot more than doing the bare minimum in order to succeed at everything. This is why they are willing to work with people that are going to go above and beyond.


Among the ways that people can go above and beyond for their company is by participating in meetings and taking needed action. This not only gets things done but also impresses the business owner. He can also establish himself as a resource for people that need it. One of the best things to do is make oneself a valuable asset in the company. This will definitely ensure that the business owner is going to keep the person around in the times when there needs to be downsizing or layoffs. Chris Burch’s advice for business works well for employees.


Simple Hair Hacks from Beauty Blogger Wengie


In her YouTube video sponsored by SugarBearHair “10 Hair Hacks Every Girl Should Know!” popular beauty blogger Wengie shares a few simple and easy tips. Among all the hair hacks out there, this one actually shows some new ones you may not have heard before. Her first hack is about hair health from the inside, starting with Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Vitamins C and A, Biotin, and Folic Acid. All of these essentials are in each SugarBearHair gummy, which are 100% natural. The next hack is how to clean your hair brush, which can commonly be forgotten about. Paired with that is a tip on how to have clean smelling hair without using perfume, which has drying alcohol that is detrimental to hair. Wengie demonstrates how to achieve a longer looking ponytail without using extensions. What’s a hair hack list without a hair mask? Wengie shows an extremely easy DIY one that works wonders for your hair. Don’t think of using a regular towel again; this can cause damage to hair. In its place, Wengie shows how to use a simple t-shirt. Three different ways to use hair spray are included, as well as a little tip about bobby pins. Can’t wait until your next hair appointment to trim your split ends? Wengie tells you how to snip them away by yourself. Curls can be time consuming, but not with her three minute hair curl hack for curly or wavy locks. Nix oily hair overnight without any residue with hack number two. The last hack on the list is a how-to for heat-less, no-damage overnight waves, with a little skincare bonus tip mixed in,

Learn more about Wengie:



How John Goullet is raising the profile of minority owned businesses

The divisions that exist between the races and ethnic groups when it comes to the access of the available economic opportunities is appalling. For the minorities, getting a job that matches one’s skill level is difficult enough. It is even more difficult to get the chance to start a business and compete at the same level with the majority. One man who has managed to break the glass ceiling when it comes to the creation of a successful minority owned business is John Goullet. Through his company, Diversant LLC, he has transformed the service delivery to the fortune 500 companies by providing the best IT staffing solutions.

John Goullet graduated from Ursinus College. When he completed his studies, the first thing that he thought about was getting employed. He did take up several positions in different companies before he started noticing the large gap existing between the companies demand for IT staff and the supply of qualified professionals to fit in the gaps. He was mainly worried about the mismatch between the jobs and the talent of the people who got them. He thus left his job at Info Telecommunications and founded Diversant, LLC.

The company started when it was a small business outfit. Among the issues that he had to struggle with included lack of the proper capital to invest in the business. Currently, the company has a capital base of over $300 million and is still growing. The one business strategy that has assured them of success is their responsiveness to the specific needs of their customers.

Besides investing, John is also very active when it comes to philanthropy. Some of the causes that he has been part of include the Business Retention Forum of Harlem. This is an initiative that tries to ensure that most if not all of the businesses that were incubated in Harlem stay within the community and help the majority black people in the area. He also takes part in a program that helps High School age black children develop interest in science and technical causes. This is aimed at removing the stereotype that blacks only go to college on sports scholarships.

Troy McQuagge Gets Award For His Excellent Work At USHEALTH

Troy McQuagge, chief executive for USHEALTH Group, Inc., has been named the 2017 Gold Winner by the esteemed One Planet Awards. His win was in the CEO of the year category. This desirable award is reserved for businesses and professionals around the world who have exhibited excel in all industries. Any organization including private, public and nonprofits can nominate an individual for an award.

When Mr. Troy McQuagge joined USHEALTH in 2010 the company was underperforming. His first job was to turn around the fortunes of the company. He accomplished the turn around by rebuilding the firm’s captive distribution agency. His success in improving the company’s fortunes led to his election in 2014 as chief executive and president of USHEALTH Group, Inc. In his term at USHEALTH, the company has registered unparalleled growth and success in all sectors. The company has also become incredibly profitable in an extremely competitive health insurance industry. He affirmed that USHEALTH would continue to come with innovative individual healthcare plans that grow with a customer’s needs.

Mr. McQuagge acknowledged the deep honor and prestige that came with receiving the award. He said the award belongs to all USHEALTH employees who have worked hard to achieve the company’s goals. He stated that the company would not stop in its quest to solve the problem of healthcare affordability in the US.

One Planet Awards is a peer recognition award that honors workers and businesses of all sizes in Europe, North America, Africa, Middle East, Latin America and Asia Pacific. The awards recognize businesses in various industries such as media, pharmaceuticals, insurance, IT and manufacturing. The awards have six main categories comprising executive of the year, women in business, team of the year, product and service of the year, company of the year and PR and Corporate Communications of the year.

USHEALTH Group, Inc. is a holding company in the US based in Fort Worth, Texas. The company has over 50 years’ experience in providing healthcare insurance in a variety of sectors. USHEALTH has two subsidiaries National Foundation Life Insurance Company and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. USHELATH provides families, companies and individuals insurance solutions in Life, Accident and Disability and Specified Sickness. The customer has over 15 million customers each with their own custom individual plans.

Troy Mcquagge has over 30 years’ experience in achieving exemplary results in competitive markets. He was worked for start-ups, high growth companies and has accomplished numerous turnarounds. Apart from the One Planet Awards he has been feted by other awards such as the Stevie Awards and the CEO World Awards. He is an alumnus of University of Central Florida. Prior to his stint at USHEALTH he worked at HealthMarket as president of agency marketing.

To find out more about Mr. McQuagge’s award and contribution to health check out this link http://www.prweb.com/releases/2017/01/prweb13954535.htm



Troy McQuagge

How Shark Media helps you Improve your Digital Marketing

According to recent research, eighty percent of the people that surf the internet only visit their top three of their search results. If you are a website owner, this means that unless you are on the first page of search engine results, your traffic is greatly compromised. With almost all the businesses going online, getting millions of other businesses in your niche and sharing your keywords is the norm. However, with the help of competent web design and IT experts, it is possible to improve your rank, get more traffic and eventually get leas converted to sales.

When you contact a company like White Shark media, the first things they do is look at your website and see how it is doing at the time. This diagnosis is what will help them determine what needs to be changed. They will look at the user interface, all the pages and all other components of the website to ensure that it is in perfect working condition. After this initial check, they will make their recommendations and give you a quotation for the same.

The other wonderful thing about the services provided by Shark Media is the fact that they are greatly personalized and that their customer support is unmatched by no other team. They take their time and ensure that all the complaints and other issues raised by their customers are addressed in a timely manner. The communications lines are open 24 hours, which means that you can reach them any time you feel that you need their services.

They are the ideal partner for small and medium scale businesses that need to improve their online presence and at the same time improve their service delivery. The company has been in business a while and during this time, they have won quite a number of awards which goes to show the level of customer confidence they have won.

Vinny Parascandola Leads Employees By Example

The insurance industry is a career path that many people have chosen over the years. There are a variety of reasons why people choose the insurance industry as a career. One of the main reasons is because there are many opportunities for people interested in an insurance career. Although many people usually think of selling insurance as the career that people pursue in the insurance industry, there are many other career options in the industry.

People can choose career paths that follow insurance claims, technology, administrative, accounting, and various other areas that a far removed from the day-to-day selling of insurance. However, selling insurance is a great way to jump into the insurance industry. Many people in the insurance industry have chosen the path of selling insurance, and they went on to become very successful in the insurance industry.

One of the reasons why starting off as an insurance agent is a great way to become successful in the insurance industry is because selling insurance exposes people to many different aspects of the insurance industry. There is a great opportunity to learn about the insurance industry from many angles and perspectives.

An insurance company that is known worldwide where many people have become successful in the insurance industry is AXA Advisors. The insurance company is a French multinational company with locations in many areas around the world such as Africa, North America, and Western Europe.

The company is known as AXA Advisors currently, but the original name of the company was Mutuelle de L’assurance contre L’incendie. The company was established in 1816 and went through several name changes until the current name of AXA Advisors was decided and used starting in 1985.

As a leading insurance company, AXA Advisors has many great executives who help to lead the company. One of these executives is Vinny Parascandola. Currently a Senior Vice President working out of the New York office, Vinny Parascandola handles important aspects of AXA Advisors such as managing sales, recruitment, and productivity.

A hard worker who has come a long way in his professional career, Vinny Parascandola started in the insurance industry over 25 years ago as an insurance agent. Since that time, he has made a climb up the corporate ladder that has taken him to his current position at AXA Advisors.


Tidal is Making Waves and Dez Perez is Stirring the Water

Desiree Perez has really channeled the mindset of a true executive that has her attention on building a quality music streaming service. Tidal is getting recognized by other companies like Sprint because there is a stellar leadership quality that is being shown by Jay-Z. He is picking the best people to turn Tidal around. Desiree Perez has shown her skills in the business world, and there are a ton of people that are looking forward to what she is doing next.


Tidal.com is on fire, and Desiree is the one that is behind all of this. She has been in charge of pinpointing the areas where problems exist, and she has been working towards resolving many of these issues. It appears to be what she is good at doing. There have been times where Tidal was struggling to become a music streamer leader. Now this same company has the attention of Sprint. That may be the thing that has made people look at all this company has done right last year. Tidal introduced the world to Beyonce’s Lemonade through a visual album before anyone else could get their hands on it. Tidal brought fans remastered Prince albums. There were also some concerts that were brought into the home through Tidal.    Go to this.


This has been what Desiree Perez has been doing. She has shown the world that she has this personality that stands out from the crowd. There are some people that are going to praise the work that Dez Perez has done with Tidal. Others may say that she hasn’t done enough yet. What the naysayers do not know is that Dez Perez is just getting started. She is showing the world that she has the ability to reinvent music streaming services like Tidal and make customers sing a new tune.  Hit this for additional  details http://hitsdailydouble.com/news&id=299940


Best Reasons to Hire George Street Photo & Video Service in Chicago

You have been dating for a while, feelings growing stronger then suddenly you find yourself getting married. Obviously you will want to capture those once in a lifetime memories, so who should you call?

Look online and you will find dozens of wedding photographers in your area. Before pulling out your credit card you should know what is expected of a good photographer.

A good wedding photographer is always open to the client’s ideals. They may not be rational, but they are still legitimate. A team of wedding photographers in Chicago has built a reputation on this principle. They fully understand how to take the client’s ideas and translate them into expressions that are in harmony with the photographer’s style.

Remember to research the potential photographer before signing any contracts. The best candidate will have a portfolio showcasing a style and beauty that can serve the client’s needs.

How Dick DeVos Has Made A Difference In Business And Philanthropy

Dick DeVos is the owner and Chairman of The Windquest Group, a company that he and his wife Betsy built that invests locally-owned businesses and non-profit groups. Companies that The Windquest Group owns include The Stow Company, a home closet and storage unit manufacturer and distributor, Boxed Water, a water purifying and packaging company, and Huron Ventures, a Michigan-based venture capital supplier. Dick has put many business ideas on the table since his days working for multilevel marketing company Amway Corporation, and believes in using them as a tool to encourage young entrepreneurs to succeed and create jobs in their local towns. Dick DeVos is also a philanthropist and founder of the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation and holds positions on many boards in the Grand Rapids area.


Dick DeVos saw how a business was operated firsthand growing up as his father ran Amway. His father is Richard DeVos Sr., the man who co-founded Amway Corporation and is the patriarch of one of Michigan’s richest families. He also bought the majority of shares of the NBA’s Orlando Magic in 1991. Dick got his bachelor’s and later his master’s and Ph.D. from Northwood University, and he and his brothers served as executives while their father was CEO. They helped grow the company from being simply a US operation to opening offices overseas. This continued in even greater measure after Dick took over as CEO when his father retired in 1993, and by his last year with Amway, it had generated over $4 billion in profits.


Dick and his wife Betsy have been very involved in politics and laws regarding educational opportunities. They are advocates for private and charter school expansion, and through their foundation they helped start scholarships for families looking to attend private schools. They later started their own charter school, the West Michigan Aviation Academy in 2010 that offers a curriculum that includes flying lessons and aircraft mechanics. Dick’s philanthropy also includes serving on the board at Grand Action, a group of civic leaders in Grand Rapids that put together a plan to bring more business and entertainment venues into downtown Grand Rapids. He and Betsy have been involved in the state Republican Party for years, including Betsy’s time as party chair and Dick running in the 2006 governor’s race. He also is an author who wrote Rediscovering American Values about the importance of America’s heritage and moral values.