Investment Banks Provide Unique Banking Services

Many people are familiar with seeing the typical local banks in town that provide banking services such as opening checking accounts and saving accounts. However, banks that provide unique banking services are sometimes not seen by many people. The reason is because the banks may not be in many towns. Certain types of banks may only be located in larger cities or cities where major financial districts are located. An example of this situation is Wall Street.


Usually a local bank type will not be on Wall Street. In areas such as Wall Street, the type of banks operating in these areas have a particular function or purpose. In addition, banks in these areas are usually banks that have a tremendous amount of available financial resources, which are needed to assist the various corporations and businesses in the area.


One of the banking types that is seen very often in large financial districts is investment banking. There is a need for the kind of banking services that are provided through an investment bank. Many of these banking services cannot be provided with other types of banks. As a result, many corporations and businesses depend on investment banks for a variety of banking services such as assistance with mergers, acquisitions, and finding funding for business deals.


Investment banks are designed and structured in a manner that allows the banks to be able to provide the unique services that many organizations need in financial districts such as Wall Street. One of the positions in investment banks that is very important to the overall operations of investment banks is the investment banker.


Martin Lustgarten who is the founder and CEO of Lustgarten Martin is a popular investment banker. He used his years of experience and knowledge in the investment banking field to help him establish his own investment banking firm.


Lustgarten Martin is a successful investment banking firm that is ran on a day to day basis by Martin Lustgarten. As the CEO of Lustgarten Martin, Mr. Martin uses his various business skills to provide an array of investment banking services for his clients.

How The Creator Of Lime Crime Gets It Done

For exuberant and vibrant personalities, it is only fitting that there should be makeup brand that helps them to embody the color and life that they exude. The thing is, is that most makeup companies provide soft pastel colors or neutral tones as many people prefer those colors. For those of us who may prefer a pop of color and bright colors, there is no other company that does it best like Lime Crime.



The brain and inspiration behind Lime Crime is none other than the zany Doe Deere who states on the official Lime Crime blog, which Doe herself curates, that she has always loved makeup and color. She is a woman who has shown women that being a female entrepreneur is possible and being a successful female entrepreneur is definitely an attainable goal.

Lime Crime products speak louder than words about someone who isn’t afraid of trying something different and being a bit quirkier than the rest. CEO Doe Deere was the kind of little girl who wouldn’t settle on dressing up as a child-she would go further to finding the perfect makeup job to match the outfit, whether it was witch or princess, even if her friends may have thought her a bit odd. This type of thinking outside the box is what has gained Doe Deere her success with what started out as an online eBay store.



Her beginning was less than amazing with Deere posting her passion for “bizarre” online, no matter what the look was. Her success today is an example of perseverance and a desire to do what she had a passion for and her work and her efforts have paid off.



Lime Crime makeup has a big following of fans on Facebook, who not only love the products, but who are admirers of the woman herself. These fans are referred to as unicorns, which is a fitting name for the light-hearted colors that Doe Deere offers in her makeup line. She loves her supporters and is continuously looking for ways to make her “unicorns” happy.



Doe Deere proves that it doesn’t matter where you come from or what “crazy idea” you may have, if you do what you are passionate about, you will become successful in the end, because you are doing what you love.  The best places to shop Lime Crime are niche stores like which are more likely to have all of the velvetines in stock.  Get a feel for how they’ll look when you wear by visiting the LimeCrime Tumblr.

Up-close with Josh Verne; a Great Entrepreneurial Motivator

Josh Verne is a great business motivator who has changed people’s life including students and entrepreneurs. For instance, he recently posted a podcast providing information on how to get out of your way and succeed in life and business. Additionally, Mr. Josh Verne has added another podcast under the title; Knowledge For Men. During his interview, he emphasized the importance of power, freedom, and love.



To succeed in life or business, Josh says that one has to consider the following key points:

  1. Be a leader and not a boss
  2. Speak less and listen more

iii. Have a balance in life

  1. Strive to achieve a win-win situation.
  2. Figure out what you are passionate about



Josh Verne’s experience in Flocku and Workpays


Josh Verne is an entrepreneur and internet executive with more than 20 years of experience. He has started and led many companies which have earned him a lot of understanding in the business sector. He is the founder and CEO of Flocku company, a mobile peer–to-peer content marketing and exchange organization for college students.



Flocku platform was created by a network of college students, which provides access to services such as reading, watching and sharing of significant content. Moreover, the platform has provided a lighting path for students to navigate life outside the classwork.



In 2011, Mr. Josh Verne founded Workpays LLC and served as its CEO. He led and managed the largest division for top 100 retail stores. Moreover, Josh Verne is recognized for his exceptional contributions in owning and operating a multi-national corporation making sales exceeding $200mm.


After running the Flocku platform, Mr. Josh initiated a series of strategic moves placing Workpays at the forefront of the furniture distribution space. Workpays promotes financial wellness and enables customers to make purchases with flexibility to pay over time through direct or payroll deductions.



Josh Verne; the President of Home Line Furniture


Josh has been the president of the Home Line Company for 16 years, which supplies home furnishings, headquartered in Philadelphia PA. The firm started as a furniture store to a local wholesale distributor. It is currently an international furniture source for retailers in the US.



The firm is dedicated to upholding their vision of providing easy procedures for product development and supplying goods to their customers. Home Line Furniture has achieved this through continuous service innovations and providing dependable and simple procedures for product purchasing.

How Mike Baur is carving out Sweden’s Version of Silicon Valley

Mike Baur is a Swedish-born national whose citizenship is still dear to him. His interest in banking and finance began when in his teenage years. The great ones always make their decision early. He was able to turn a passion into a profession.


Mike spent two decades, earning his credits in a Swiss Private Bank. He made his way up the corporate ladder. From an intern in the large UBS bank, then soar to become an executive board member. For someone with this level of success, the question remains, why he decided to venture into the world of entrepreneurship.


Together with two of his friends, they founded a startup. The startup has met widespread success. It is the number one privately financed ICT startup facilitator in Switzerland. His time is spent between mentoring and supporting youth groups.


The Swiss startup factory has drawn the best brains in the financial technology space. Martin Hartweg worked for Leonteq. The lure of the Swiss Factory made him jump ship. Hartweg has been quoted saying he would invest in specific companies within the organization.


The accelerator program is set to launch in August. The initiative will focus on financial and technology companies. To bring this youth revolution into reality Fusion, a facilitator in the space has come onboard. Most wonder what Michael Hartweg brings the table. According to Mike, the relationship will raise creativity in Sweden. Sweden is poised to become a digital and technology hub.


SSFU stand out from competitors by their three-month program. The program is already a success. The cooperation between SSFU and the Goldbach group. Five teams of participants took part in a Demo Day. A graduation ceremony was held where participant pitched potential investors.


The three-month program saw participants expertise put to the test. Potential business ideas were pitched to Investors and partners at Goldbach. Beaconsmind came out of the Boot camp with an investor. Beacons are transmitters which enable internet connectivity via Bluetooth.


What do participants of the program have to look forward to? Beaconsmind will receive funding from Goldbach. The groups CEO said the company was lucky to find the startup. Beacons is a perfect match. The beacon system can easily be integrated into the different offers Goldbach offers.


SSFU Initiative in Switzerland can be compared to Silicon Valley in the US. The goal for both is to create an ecosystem which encourages digital technologies. The term used by Americans is frenemies. For the sake of innovation, competitors come together and become partners.


Mobile technology is the future. A beacon system makes it possible to exchange information between gadgets. To say the company will be a source of profits is true. However, work still needs to be put in.

Richard Blair, Wealth Solutions Inc. Founder Helping Clients on the Road to Financial Literacy

In financial investment organizations, investment advisory is the middle ground that links investment experts to key people such as clients and relationship managers. Investment advisory is a significant part of a financial organization’s central asset management unit, which is also in charge of portfolio management and investment research.

The Investment Advisors Act of 1940 defines investment advisors as an individual or group that provides various services including security analysis and sound investment recommendations in exchange for a fee.

It is mandated by the US government that all investment or financial advisors be registered with the SEC. Advisors who have been registered with the SEC are called Registered Investment Advisors (RIA).

The roles of these professionals include simplifying and explaining various investment concepts created by specialists to members of their clientele, even proposing the necessary investment solutions on a case-to-case basis.

They also examine the specific needs and requirements of their organization’s relationship managers or clients, and transfer them thereafter to the services of the central management unit.

Wealth Solutions Inc. (WSI) is a successful and reputable RIA based in Austin, Texas. It was founded by Richard Blair with the desire to make a difference in the lives of individuals who are in need of financial and investment advice.

According to Wealth Minder, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions has been in the financial services industry for more than two decades since he took up his line of work immediately after college. After just a year of honing his financial skills, he was able to establish his own firm with the focus of providing objective and credible financial advice to all his clients.

Richard Blair Wealth Solutions specializes in holistic retirement planning services by helping clients prepare themselves for a successful life after retirement. He supports his clients by teaching them how to avoid the common mistakes met when planning retirement income.

WSI also provides financial wealth management services to their clients. Blair assists his clients in determining the feasibility of their long and short-term life goals by defining their assets and liabilities and assessing their current financial standing.

He is one of the trusted names in financial management for his ability to create and implement successful customized plans based on a client’s unique needs and personal objectives.

With Richard Blair’s excellent abilities in the world of finance and investment and his genuine desire to positively change the lives of his clients, his 20 years in the industry will stretch even farther. You can expect that he will continue to help more individuals as they strive for financial literacy.

Talk Fusion Makes Technology Media Corporation’s Headlines With Product Of The Year

Technology Media Corporation is a business-to-business marketplace source where you can find the latest technology news and find out which products are hot on the market. Every year they award a company that has made major developments and strides in customer service, their Product of the Year award. This year’s selected company is Talk Fusion, a video marketing company that uses proprietary email video technology to help companies reach customers. Bob Reina, Talk Fusion’s CEO was honored to have received the award and says its a stepping stone for Talk Fusion to do more. Ryan Page, the company CTO spoke of how this award has legitimized Talk Fusion’s products in the IT marketplace, and speaks of the ingenuity of Talk Fusion’s technical team.

Talk Fusion has been selling products to customers since its founding in 2007. The company is based on a video email solution that Bob Reina thought of just three years earlier. Originally just a hobby, Reina wanted to be able to convert video files into readable emails, but most email providers out there thought it was impossible. But Reina and a friend of his worked very hard to make it possible, and once their product was finished, Reina started up his own communications company which became Talk Fusion.

Talk Fusion started putting out all kinds of marketing products in addition to the video emails and newsletters, and now they have customer leads and brand solutions out. Recently, they’ve put out a WebRTC recorder so that anyone with a webcam or recording device can record a video instantly into an email format. Talk Fusion also has free trials available to anyone who wants to sample the products for 30 days before they buy them. You don’t have to have a credit card to join, you just have to sign up and you’ll get 30 days access to every product, and more often than not this has led to permanent subscriptions to Talk Fusion.

A Good Leadership That Comes With a Great Mind Will Most Likely To Succeed

Ever since digital expertise took the center stage in all aspects of the trading industry, many forms of businesses had emerged especially in the fields of information technology. You cannot erase the fact IT is considered one great factor why most small or medium scale enterprise took the risk of competing against the business giants. Because owners believed that things are now easier to achieve due to digital science. But of course, this won’t happen if not for people who dedicate themselves in creating an IT support system that will serve as the backbone of their business.

The one person who led the IT industry support group is John Goullet. His career started back in the 90s where he worked as an IT consultant before becoming the owner of the biggest IT staffing company in the land. A person who has no knowledge or experience about information technology will not the chance to come up with an idea of providing IT solution that will help hundreds of IT business sector to succeed.

In a span of five years John Goullet, raised the IT to 30M net gross which landed the number 8 spot on the Inc. magazine list under the fastest growing private firm in the US of A. Throughout the years John Goullet never refrain his passion in the IT world by keeping his dedication to face any IT difficulties and find ways to solve it.

For many years John Goullet reputation as an IT guru made him as one of the icons being looked up to in the industry of science and technology business. Anyone who needs IT support, there’s only one person reliable to consult, and it’s John Goullet.

For the reason that John Goullet understands the company’s IT system and the staffing needs, he can provide solution quick.

The Russian Entrepreneur That’s Involved In Business And Educational Initiatives

The Launching Of Solvy By Alexei Beltyukov

Russian businessman, Alexei Beltyukov has been chosen to launch an educational online platform called Solvy. So far the, launch has been highly successful with critical acclaim from educators and business sites like Yahoo Finance!. Currently Solvy is a free web based learning platform. It is available for teachers, students and entire schools for no cost from the consortium who has developed and launched it.

Solvy has recently expanded its offering of math courses to cover Algebra I, which is an introductory algebra course. Teachers can save time by offering their students individualized math problems through Solvy based on their skill level and personal interests. Students can use an interactive graphing tool to map out problems.

Teachers can also see the work done by a student to solve a problem. This way a teacher can see where students struggle or need additional assistance.

Solvy can be used on many different devices. It combines convenience, technology and an an individual approach to help students learn and teachers teach math. Real world problems and examples only help to reinforce and grab the attention of students who are studying mathematics.

Other Business Ventures Of Alexei Beltyukov

Alexei is involved in a lot of other business ventures besides the educational learning platform called Solvy. He has helped create one of the largest rail car leasing firms in his native Russia. Called Brunswick Rail Leasing it carries the most freight of any rail company in the Russian Federation. Endemic Capital which Alexei Beltyukov founded in 2013 is an investment firm that focuses on investing in technology start up companies.

New Gas Technologies is another company that Alexei has created in 2006. This company focuses on creating new fuels from alternative sources with paybacks for investors in 1-2 years. A-Ventures, which Alexei Beltyukov, created in 2007, was a management company that oversaw industrial company operations.

After taking over management, A-Ventures increased revenue by an average of 40% for its clients. A-Ventures was sold in 2014. Mr. Beltyukov also served on the board of the Renova Project. This project took under performing assets and attempted to increase their value through restructuring and new management.

Organo Gold Your Path To Independence

The thought of owning and operating our own business is a dream shared by people around the world. The possibility of being our own boss and earning a good living at the same time is a fantasy shared by millions. For most of us, this dream continues to be nothing more than a fantasy we will probably never realize.

If you are ready to move forward and start working on becoming a self-employed business owner, you should consider joining Organo Gold a comparatively new global network marketing company, founded in 2008 by the very successful multi-level marketer Bernardo Chua, Organo Gold is now one of the fastest growing companies of this type in the world.

Bernardo Chua, being raised in the Philippines with Chinese heritage is very familiar with the health benefits of Ganoderma, a genus found in mushrooms and widely used in traditional Asian medicines. After realizing Ganoderma was being marketed in Asia with great success Bernardo Chua decided to bring Ganoderma to North American.

Being convinced the fastest way to grow Organo Gold was through direct sales and wanting to ease any reservations about the product and integrity of the company Bernardo Chua based Organo Gold in Canada, a country known for strict guidelines for products and business models. Chua is confident that customers will not feel at risk after seeing how carefully the herb Ganoderma and all the other related products are tested.

Today Organo Gold products are being distributed in over fifty countries by people just like you. With Organo you will have every opportunity to expand and grow your business. While Organo Gold specializes in the finest coffee, tea and hot chocolate available there are several additional products related to personal care and body management that will make it easy for you to find and grow your market. The company continues exploring ways to make sure you and Organo Gold stay well ahead of the competition.

If you think it’s time to stop dreaming and do something to actually fulfill your dream join the millions of others, just like you, who have partnered with Organo Gold as their vehicle to future success and prosperity.

Rumors Stew That George Soros Isn’t Responsible for the $33 Million Given to #BlackLivesMattter

Since the major uprising protests happening recently in the wake of Black Lives Matter, it is recently reported that over the last month many speeches given by both Bernie Sanders and Jeb Bush have been quickly interrupted by the large amounts of voices on social media and other blog sites that strongly believe that the general interest sites are the main point of a major conspiracy, involving two main elements involved: well-known liberal billionaire with the name of George Soros as well as a very specific and also very large amount of money, which is said to be $33 million.

The American Thinker’s Thomas Lifson quoted recently regarding the subject, “The Soros-funded #blacklivesmatter movement is a big problem for the Democrats.” All of the talk and various rumors about the recent happenings have become to mainstream, that they’ve even made their way all the way up to appearances on several mainstream television shows such as Thee O’Reilly Factor and Fox News ratings powerhouse.

George Soros is not only impressively both the founder and chair of Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Foundations, but also has much experience in his field since he has been extremely active as a philanthropist since the early year of 1979. During this year he also managed to begin providing a reasonable number of funds in order to help African American students attend Cape Cod University, located in the apartheid in South Africa.

Eventually in the year of 1979, the Open Society, which is now a certified foundation, was established by George Soros after he made the decision that he had acquired enough money to support his project. Because of his superior skills while working as a hedge fund manager, new doors were open to him that allowed him to greatly further and pursue his greatest ambition which was to establish and open societies in various places with authorization through the government.

Soon after once he began supporting scholarships specifically for black students he once stated at, “Open society is based on the recognition that our understanding of the world is inherently imperfect.” He continued his moving speech by then simply stating, “What is imperfect can be improved.” More about the specifics of his fight for black students to have a better education in the long run with an overall improved future.

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